Sadboy E-Liquid is brought to you by Philly Vape Society from southern Philadelphia, PA. Sadboy E-Liquid hit the vape scene hosting events in the Philadelphia area with a wide variety of vape juice flavors and brands housed under PVS E-Liquid. Highlighted by a cookie-themed sweet treat and dessert flavors, they have paired their delicious flavors with extensive social media outreach to amass a large following. Come see why each and every one of these vape juices is crafted to perfection
Sadboy Butter Cookie – The ultimate pastry delight in a freshly-baked batch of lemon butter cookies.
Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie – A freshly-baked butter cookie infused with strawberry jam dunked in milk.
Sadboy Blueberry Jam Cookie – A freshly-baked butter cookie infused with lip-smacking blueberry jam.
Sadboy Custard Cookie – A freshly-made dessert pastry infused with rich, creamy, custard deliciousness.
Sadboy Pumpkin Cookie – A seasonal favorite, fresh-out-the-oven, pumpkin pie with a touch of cinnamon spice.
Happy End Blue Cotton Candy – A carnival favorite in sweet, fluffy, textured blue cotton candy.
Sadboy Key Lime Cookie-  A fresh-out-of-the-oven key lime cookie with the perfect tangy-sweet blend.
Unicorn Tears - MYSTERY
Shamrock Cookie - Traditional Sadboy dessert pastry cookie blended with a minty green creamy shake.
Orphan Blood A one of a kind tropical blend of both popular sweet fruits and exotic fruit flavors.
Mango Blood Pure mango bliss with no added fruits to take away from this deliciously sweet flavor. A new industry standard for mango flavored e-liquid.
Punch Berry Blood Slightly sour candy twist to a sweet berry punch with a splash of raspberry lemonade.
Strawberry Blood - The perfect balance of sweet ripe strawberries with a savory liquid candy strawberry center
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