Dead Mans Hand X

Meet the people behind Dead Mans Wraps.

Wolfgang Mustain a once world recognized fashion photographer has spent his life as an artist and being an intellectual powerhouse. He's traveled the world and everywhere he goes people remember him for his attention to detail, his ethics and his unique ability to makes things better.

Wolfgang didn't choose the vape industry, the industry chose him. With what started as a just little side business making premium one of kind e-juice has now turned into an empire.

Dead Mans Hands Elixir is the juice of choice for conissuers around the world.

Glenn Bivins was also involved in the world of fashion. He owned an operated a successful hair salon in the city of dreams, NYC. He's worked with super-models, celebrities and some of the cities who's who of the fashion world. He was known for his impeccable attention to detail, artistic creativity and giving some of the best and most modern haircuts in the USA.

Glenn had a strong passion for building vape coils and like Wolfgang the vape industry quickly chose him. Virtually overnight people were requesting Glenn's coils and Wraps Coils was born. Now his coils are sold all over the world.

Both Wolfgang and Glenn have a strong passion and love for the vape community and strive every day to make the industry stronger and better.

Glenn and Wolfgang decided to team up and start Dead Mans Wraps with the intention of bringing new ideas and top-notch products to yourself and vapers from around the globe.

Together they are the perfect storm!

Design, Innovation, Function & Perfection are the cornerstone of values behind Dead Mans Wraps.

We've only just begun to show you what we're capable of!
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